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This is a quick easy, fun breakfast or snack that is perfect for kids of all ages…I still have not grown out of enjoying this finger food treat. It combines bananas, peanut butter, and traditionally Cheerios.

Never too old for this treat!

Given all of the new cereal options in the supermarkets today, there are plenty of ways to top the “log” with your favorite “doughnut.” I added a fiber cinnamon cereal topping to give the perfect crunch to each bite!

Doughnuts on a Log


1 ripe banana

peanut butter

Oh-shaped cereal of your liking

To make:

Slice the banana in half then half the halves–quarter the banana 🙂  Spread a layer of peanut butter on each piece then top with the crunchy cereal.  That’s it…enjoy!


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